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There are three ways to explore the Waitomo Caves.LostWorld Afbseiling
° Tumu Tumu Toobing
° Abseiling to the Lost World
° Walk Way

Lucy Waitomo VideoAnd here is the reason why we wanted to do this adventure.
Lucy's Waitomo Video (Thanks to the courtesy off MaryD of
Click on the picture for the video.

If you love Action and Adventure! Do it!

World renowned and a magnet for both local and overseas visitors the Waitomo Glowworm Caves occupy a high placing in almost everyones New Zealand vacation wish-list.
The Waitomo glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa, is unique to New Zealand. Thousands of these tiny creatures radiate their unmistakable luminescent light a our expert guides provide informative commentary on the Caves's historical and geological significance.
The limestone caverns are a popular tourist destination, as the caves are easily accessible. They are noted for their stalactite and stalagmite, displays, and for the Lost World Abseilingpresence of glowworms (arachnocampa luminosa). The Glowworm grotto in the Waitomo Cave is widely regarded as one of the country's most impressive caving spectacles.

At Waitomo you can explore the Waitomo Caves, enter the Lost World and go for a walk to the Waitomo Walkway.
If you are adventurous you gonna have a great experience here as you have the Tumu Tumu Toobing exploration of the Limestone, Glowworms and caves. And you have the Abseiling in the Lost World!
Each of them takes about 4 hours. So you can do it in a full day if you are in good condition. We were so crazy to do it, succeeded and took a wonderfull massage afterwards to health up our muscles again. It was needed.

Tumu Tumu Toobing - Glow Worms!!!!!                                                                          (back to top)

The adventure or as they call it 'a ripper of a trip' combines the best elements of blackwater rafting, with walkingTumi Tumi Toobing, climbing, swimming and tubing through the tunnels, chambers of the TumuTumu Cave. At the same time you get to see the world's well known famous glow worms.
Tumi Tumi ToobingDo not confuse the rafting with the white water rafting cause this one is much faster as the black water rafting. Black water rafting is a mixture of exploring caves in the most largest way of its name. You get a complete wet suite, a helmet with light and of you go for an unforgetable adventure. You first have to walk to the ladder that will bring you under the ground. Then you are off to crowl through tunnels, climbing over rocks, swimming and walking in the cold water. You will be amazed what treasures the cave will show you. During a small break the glow worms will show themselves to you. Put out your light and it is as if you are out somewhere in the galaxy. Millions of stars just above your head giving you the image as if you are in an enormous space. In fact your they are only a few centimers from your helmet or head. A true miracle of nature.

The Lost World - Abseiling and Climbing Adventure!
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Lost WorldNo matter if you have fear of heights, this is a once kicking adventure in a life time. You are maximum with 4 people. You start with 100m abseiling into the cave which we call The Lost World. You are secured by your guide who abseils alongside but you have the total control of your ownLost World speed. Once down and ready for the next adventure you will see that you are really in the Lost World. Rocks lying there for ages like they just felt down. And speaking of rocks, they are huge!!!!
After the 30 minutes of abseiling, during which you get an unforgetable panorama of the cave, nature and 100m hole below you, you embark on a journey back to the surface through another spectacular dry cavern. It is called the massive vaults of the Lost World. Regulary you need to continue your journey with secured ropes. You get to see a lot of named lime stone rocks such as the BRAIN (allthough you can call it a sheep or so). You can climb into a little cave to admire once more the glow worms. Then back on your steps for your last conditional experience. To the exit on the 30m ladder up. Specialists do it in 28 seconds but just take your time cause you have to do it by your own force. Double secured on the ladder, on your belt and with the guide who already is up there, get your own tempo and keep on going. Once up the 30m take your breath and off you go for the last minutes to get out of the cave into the forest. Ahhhhhhh! THIS IS A MUST!

If you watched the video of Lucy imagine that we hanged there the same way an walked the same path! COOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! Truly in her footsteps!

Waitomo Walk Way!                                                                                                        (back to top)

Waitomo Walk WayWhen you are staying at Waitomo you can also take a nice walk to the Aranui Cave and the Ruakuri Natural Tunnel. You walk as in a tropical rain forest. You can visit all kinds of caves and go through some natural tunnels. At the end you can pass onto a real Xena hanging bridge! It is fun! Do it! Be aware although it is hot, in this park it is a bit chilly. In the evening at the beginning of the Walk Way you will see glow worms.
The Rauakuri Natural Tunnel is a big U-formed get-through erosed by the Waitomo and can be reached after 30m of walk in the Ruakuri Gorge.
If you need the map of the Waitomo Walk Way ? It is right here!