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The Xena Film Locations - HUNUA FALLS

About 15-20 miles South-East of Auckland you can admire the Hunua waterfalls in the Hunua Ranges.
The Hunua Waterfalls are situated on the Wairoa River. This waterfall have been used for a connection scene shoot in Mortal Beloved.
But you already recognized it from the most well known episode with this waterfall : ALTARED STATES.
Below you find some screengrabs and the original pictures taken. You can see more of it on the video.

We visited it 13 years after the shoots and we surely can tell you that nature changed a bit. We had to search for the exact shooting angles to discover the exact filming place. Always have your Ipod, scrapbook or other device with you so you can take a look at the episode screengrabs. That was a brilliant idee to take that along.

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Altared States

Hunua Falls - Altared States





Hunua Falls - Altared States





The Hunua Falls in the full nature.
The Hunua Falls from the episode.
Hunua Falls - Altared States Hunua Falls - Altared States
The place where I'm sitting is just behind Xena and Gabrielle. It is a very small area so once more the filming did a great job cause you do have the impression that the action takes place on a big grassy area. So it doesn't. You get a more clearly view when you look at the video. You can easily go for a swim. I should do it next time cause when we visited it, there were to many visitors. And when you want to go for a Xena swim you have to do it relaxed. It is a marvelous place. As a Xena fan it makes that more beautiful. But the most exciting thing is that you are so near to a waterfall and that you can swim to it. I never experienced this sight. It makes New Zealand more special.
Hunua Falls - Altared States Hunua Falls - Altared States


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