Taupo - A Place to be Home!
The Holiday Place of Lucy!

Taupo, where the holiday house of Lucy Lawless is situated, is centrally located on the North Island of New Zealand. The lake is one great volcano crater, one of the greatest lakes of New Zealand and formed by a volcanic explosion in 186 a C. The lake of about 619 km2 big is surrounded by white pumice stone and protected rocky bays or creeks.
Imagine that! You have the feeling thatyou are looking over a huge lake or sea but then again you are looking to a huge crater filled with water!!!!! A wonder of nature? It surely is.
The lake Taupo region is an exciting landscape of snow capped mountains, blue and emerald lakes, native forests, steaming cliffs, mudpools, mountain streams, rivers, volcanic valleys and tussocklands.

It is the ideal place to spend your vacation. Taupo has exciting shops, fabulous food, a stunning lake, fantastic things to do within a short distance of the town and beautiful weather in all seasons. It is a town at altitude and a place you must stay at and relax, try a new adventure, rekindle that romance or explore the volcanic plateau.

The volcanic tops of Mount Ngauruhoe and the with snow covered Mount Ruapehu gives a super panoramic view on sunny days.

Personally I do now understand why I'm such a full-of-life and sparkling woman. Think I must have Kiwi roots downTaupo deep inside. Never, never felt so good as being here in NZ. I feel close to the people and it feels as I have been here forever.

Way to go Lucy! You made me discover paradise on earth and discover myself! What a GIFT! Thanks darling!