Auckland (2011).

Auckland by Night - Auckland by Day.

The Auckland Sky Tower

I already talked about Auckland on my other page named New Zealand.

Amongs the places mentioned I talked about the Auckland Tower. Well, here is something special about the Auckland Tower. You surely must take the tour cause it gives you such amazing and wonderful view all over Auckland, in any direction you want to see.

You can take a double ticket that allows you to visit the Auckland Tower during daylight and when evening starts. You will see from my pictures and the album how beautiful and how different Auckland is. Auckland by day and Auckland by night.

From the album 'Sky Tower' you also can see how you can make a Sky Jump. You can see the platform where you have to jump off.

The Sky Tower is an observation and radio tower located on the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets at Central Business area of Auckland. It is 328 metres tall and is the 13th tallest member of the World Federation of Great Towers. The 328m high Sky Tower has an important touristic and telecommunication roll since August 1997. It is the highest building of the half South globe region. The Tower is yearly visited by approx. 1 mil.people. The 4 observatory platforms cover a view of 80km. And the Vertigo Climb and Sky Jump do give you the ultimate adrenaline kick. At night the Tower glows like a torch and is more attractive then during the day. At X-mas the Tower is turned into a UFO with a lot of coloured lights.

The largest urban area is Greater Auckland (Auckland metropolitan area) situated on the Northern Island. Auckland also has the largest polynesian population of any city in the world. 
It is made up of :
- Auckland City (The Hauraki Gulf Islands are not included).
- North Shore City.
- The Urban parts of Waitakare (Waitakere ranges are beautiful and you will find more info about that further on this website).
- Manukau cities.
- Papakura District.
- Some urban parts of Rodney and Franklyn Districts.

The name is Maori is Tamaki Makau Rau. Auckland is also named Akarana.

Auckland is situated between the Hauraki Gulf / Pacific Ocean to the east, to the south east we have the Hunua Ranges (Hunua Falls, Xena's episode Altered States), to the south-west we have Manukau Harbour and Waitakare Ranges and smaller ones to the west and north west.
It is one of the few cities in the world to have harbours on two separate major bodies.
Auckland is also well known for it port.

Korfball (2011)

This was awesome. It was cool to meet some fellow korfball players in Auckland - A.K.C. (yes, I know the same letters as a team in Belgium). But here it stands for Auckland Korfball Club.
They are located in the Auckland park.     Auckland Park!!!! I never could have imagined how big it is and how many sports are practised here. And how many people are doing sport. A complete other way of living and enjoying life. I feel so much at home!

I was immediately invited to join a game and afterwards a game of beack-korfball (on grass). Although I was out of Korfball for 2 years it went amazing well. I loved that old fashion way of playing korfball. Really playing the game naturally and feeling the game, all as one team and playing in fuctions of your competitor. No special strategics from nowadays with pushing to get a good position or studied tactics, etc... No that strong play of korfball in its full purity. It felt so free, releasing...wonderful.

We exchanged T-shirts and had a nice chat afterwards.

See you soon again, my friends! 2013 will be there in a hurry. And thanks again for the nice time!

Train (2011)

There is so much traffic in the city that you hardly notice the busses and the train.  We tried the train and it is amazing how many people use it. And....those small trains, you can compare it with a kind of metro, they are so clean, nice and compfortable. If I would work in the city and have a train station near by, oh yes, I would take it.
Funny to notice that there are about 2 to 3 controlling people in each wagon. When the train stops, they are the ones that unlock the door and get out the first and they are the last ones to get in again and lock the door. Amazing is that they exactly know who came new into their wagon. Amazing.


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