In the footsteps of Lucy Lawless

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Beside the Xena film locations we go here in the footsteps of Lucy Lawless. No not in the acting or singing! Are you joking? Wish we were as talented as she is but we are happy that we could visit some places in New Zealand that are connected to Lucy.

Mission Bay


Mission Bay : Well known for the home base of Lucy Lawless. A very luxury and nice little residence outside Auckland City. Hmmm, we saw some nice houses which we could become our home .............if we have the money! LOL! It would be a dream come true if we would be able to buy a house in that residence.






Taupo : Here the holiday house of Lucy is situated. Taupo is a real volcanic area as so many in Auckland. And it is so different from Mission Bay and Auckland.





Waitomo Abseiling




Waitomo : The Waitomo Caves. After watching the documentary Lucy did years ago for a travel Tv-show, and knowing she is a dare-devil, we couldn't resist to go for the ultimate kick. We went exploring the Waitomo caves in two different ways and discovered some beautiful things mother nature and earth kept there for us.

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