Trude and John - This is for you.

I respectfully present you our dearest NZ friends Trude and John.

Trude is a magnificient woman full of joy. She loves Love and Life. Note her famous words : To Give is To Love and To Love is to Live!!!!
If you do so, you will discover the beauty of Trude and John's heart. Respect gets Respect. Love gets Love. It is wonderfull!!Bethell beach Trude and John

When you are in Trude's company and you are as crazy as I was, well you are in for fun! If you want to talk about your thoughts or something more deep, you have a wonderful chat partner with Trude. She also knows a lot of devine cooking ideas. Trudi is great at cooking. Hmmmmm!
Trude you are such a true woman and a true friend. I feel so rich to have you as my friend. But for me our friendship goes a lot further. God bless you!
Love, happiness and lots of silliness. I never will forget! Love you!

John is a wonderfull man who knows all about nature. Nature is a part of his way of life and the admires and loves it. Go for a walk or a ride with John and you discover the smallest things in nature. The smallest things for which John will give you a lot of information about. If nature, history, NZ, etc.... intriges you, John will explain you the mystery about it all. With is calm voice you can list to him fo an eternity.
Get on a Xena tour with John and you never want to leave NZ.

Go with John and Trude to Lake Wainamu or the Beach and have a wonderfull moment with a fresh dive.

It is not surprising that you get overwelmed with the beauty of it all thanks to them.

Have a look at their website - or take the link in the menu bar.

Take a look at the photo album on the left side, you don't wanna miss that. Enjoy!

Love you both!