New Zealand has a superb kitchen. You have a kitchen for every taste. You can't imagine it but all kinds of kitchen are here.
And the most interesting thing is that it is all FATFREE!!!!!! YES!!!!! If you don't believe me you have to see the photo-album I made to proove it. Click here.

Green Shell Mussels

If there is something I miss at home, well, it are the delicious New Zealand green shell mussels. It are huge big mussels as big as the shell. And they are delicious. You buy them per piece. Yes, not as in Europe by 1kg or 2kg packages. They are so big that if you eat 10 to 13 pieces you have done a marvelous job.

They are good for your healt so go for it!

You can buy them ofcourse at the fish market or at a seafood store, but also at the supermarket. The mussels are continiously sprankled with fresh water. Push the button to stop the sprankling and take the number of pieces you want.

Another way to get green shell mussels is to go to the beach and pick the mussels there. Attention here! If you do it this way be aware of the limited pieces you are allowed to take. This in order to preserve the natural growth.
Or you can go diving to pick them at the bottom of the sea.

Don't miss the New Zealand green shell mussels.

Party-Time at Bethells Beach Cottages

Our second wedding anniversary felt in our holidays 2009. We first had the idee to go to a fancy restaurand but Trude had a marvelous idea. We hired a chef and choose our loved ingredients. It was upto the chef to cook with our ingredients. It was super! Wz had so much that even the next day we could celebrate again. I can recommend you this idea and the chef. And today's residence chef is nobody else then the ex-brother in law of Lucy Lawless, namely Cameron Lawless. Yes, it is a small world.

West-Coast Burger

This is something you cannot miss. Every friday Bethells Cafe comes to Bethells. A two mobilehome caravan comes to the parking place at the surf club. From Bethells Beach Cottages you can see Bethells Cafe arriving as both cars are completely in red. Bethells cafe is well known for its West Coast Burger (see the pictures in the album, njamie, njamie.) Everybody comes to Bethells Cafe and during the whole weekend, as Bethells Cafe is here until sunday, Friday or Saturday evening there sometimes is a movie evening or a dance evening (on the sand), all in open air. Enjoy a nice afternoon or evening at Bethells Cafe. It belongs to your stay at Bethells.