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The Appartment - TUREHU Cottage - TE KOINGA Cottage

Bethell's Beach Cottages : Trude and John can offer you a wide range of cottages. All cottages have an exit into the open garden and have the beautiful view on Te Henga - Xena Beach - Bethell's Beach. Yes, indeed three names for one beach!
And behind Bethells Cottages you find also a divine lake with a beautiful view. Take a look at the album 'Behind Bethells'. Okay and now let us take a look at those beautiful Bethell's Beach Cottages.

The AppartmentBethell Appartment
This brand new lodge had a separate master bedroom, a big open kitchen, a separate bathroom with shower and toilet. The dinning room is combined with the kitchen. You have a nice entrance with a sitting corner. The big window opens side-wise and you enter a nice, cosy terras with BBQ. The Appartment is just below the premise of Trude and John. Everything is made of nice warm coloured wood and Trude's talent of putting everywhere some little accessories gives that something special to it. In case you really don't want to go outside (but I can't imagine that) there is also a television. And in case you need to tell the world about your extasy you have a phone aswell! More pictures of The Appartment can be found in the photo album on the left side. Enjoy!

Turehu Cottage
A devine cottage where you have a direct view onto Bethell's Beach. This means you wake up every day with that heavenly view in front of you. This is really paradise!
This cottage has an open kitchenette, a master bed, a small sitting area, all in one nice splitt-up room.Bethell Turehu Cottage out
You have a covered terrasse that leads you to another relaxing-sitting area and artistic corner. Around the corner in the covered terrasse you find the separate bathroom with shower and toilet.
In this cottage everything has that typical feeling due to the nice warm coloured wood and Trude's accessories. If you are a nature-lover, if you admire the wonder of life and want to enjoy the beauty of this excellent place you have to stay at this cottage. Your body and soul get the rest they need. You will feel the energy renewing your body. And the feeling to think and talk about the wonder of life will come up deap in side of you. Experience what life is.
The covered terras exits onto the open terrasse which is situated in the open garden. You have your Bethell Turehu Cottage frontown BBQ. At the left side of the cottage you have Trude'sd and John's little garden where you find all typical and nice vegetables and herbs. You can't get more healthier elsewere then here. Bethell Turehu Cottage terrasseOh, you have your own television and phone aswell, in case ............well you know what I mean!!!!!
A nice thing to know is, when it is dark in the evening and certainly at night (hehehe, what else!) and when you have to do your little visit to the bathroom, or just if you want to make a little inside walk, do look around you on the covered terrasse. The terrasse has a glass ceiling.....................the stars will smile at you and watch over you! Don't forget to make a whish!
But when you see this nightly sky you will become speachless. Turehu Cottage! Go see the photo album on the left side.

Te Koinga Cottage
The biggest of them all. It is built almost on the edge of the Bethell hill which gives you also here a beautiful view on Bethell's Beach. Because it is quite bigger, the place is nicely splitt up in all the luxury and relaxing things you can think of. There is a big open kitchen with dishwasher. The dinning room has a long wooden table with chairs. Back in the corner you have your own relaxing space with a long confortable soft bench, television and hifi-tower. You even have two separate long-chairs when you need more relaxation or if you like to read or eat as the Romans did.
Te Koinga CottageTe Koinga Cottage has a separate bathroom with shower and bath. There is also a separate toilet. Further there is a separate master bedroom and also a second smaller bedroom.
Through the dinningroom you have acces to the big terrasse that is built on a wooden level so you van look down to the garden and the beach aswell. If you like to have it big all around go for this cottage.
Take a tour of Te Koinga and visit the photo album on the left side.

Either what you take you have everywhere a nice view, on each terrasse you can take a sun-bath in a private climate, enjoy the songs of the birds, get charmed by the silence, the sun, the sea, the beach, the nature ................ by heaven!