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Bethells Beach Cottages 2011.

It is always wonderful to come back to the place and the friends you love and treasure the most in your life.

So here a small report as the rest is already mentioned on the section 'Other Beautiful NZ Places'.

The Weather.

It is always amazing how nature works here. Below you find some pictures where you see how theweather can change in a very smalltime. Was it bad weather? No, at Bethells the Gods are protecting you. It is always fine overthere.

We love animals.

They have a dog now!!!!! Mia the dog! She is a darling. From the first day she was the whole time with us. If we took our shoes she went crazy as it meant we were going for a walk to the beach. But shoes or no shoes, in now time she knew when we were going. We love her.
Did she listen to us? Oh yes, from the start. My wife, who had a dog before, learned her in five minutes to give a paw and rewarded Mia with a little dog snack. We played a lot with Mia, she was part of the family.

My wife Karin, even teached her to stay put at a certain place while we walked away. And then at our sign she ran towards us. Just great.

On the beach we play with rings, balls, etc..... Mia is a sea fish! Yep, she loves the water, the sea! And so do we. That was fun for everyone.

The most challenging moment was when another dog came towards Mia. Mia, still young, was a bit naief but we got her in time with us. Nothing happend. But ofcourse the other dog came back over and over again. Now the most challenging moment came and it worked. Karin instructed Mia to sit and keep focussed on Karin. We never tried that but...... Mia did. She sat and kept staring at Karin. The other dog came around and Mia kept staring at Karin. She didn't react toward the other dog. That needed to be rewarded. And amazing, it kept working even days later. She is a fine dog. We love her so much. It was hard to say goodbye when we had to home. She felt it, even during the last few days. She stayed more with us then she already did.


Party-Time at Bethells Beach Cottages

It is impossible to have a stay without having a dinner made by a top check. We already experience the super talent of Cameron Lawless. Yep, the ex-brother in law of Lucy Lawless. He is a top chef.

But this year 2011 we were very much suprised by Corey, the Ready Steady Cook from South Africa. We were surprised with nice warm and cold dishes, salades, etc..... Even the next morning he was already cooking our lunch.
Such a brilliant cook. And funny was the fact that we could simply talk dutch with him. Super!