Shortland Street BBQ à la Trude and John with a little Belgian touch!

Let me tell you a story that really happened to us during our stay at Bethell's Beach Cottages.

BETHELLS TRUDE AND JOHNTrude and John have contacts everywhere. They know everybody and everybody knows them!

So during our stay we often saw filming crew on the property. It is a nice experience! And again NZ - Kiwi people, not matter what job they do, they have that certain flair of kindness.

The soap serie Shortland Street filmed a couple of scenes or episodes in the Te Koinga Cottage. Logice cause we stayed at Turehu Cottage.
That particular morning we got awake at 6.30h in the morning!!!!!! Hey, that's no time when you are on a honeymoon, pfeeeeewwww! Imaging you are on a honeymoon and it is a rise-and-shine morning for you! Yihaaaaaaa! The filming crew was a bit noisy installing everything they needed to be ready for filming when the actors and actresses came along.

Honestly said, as we didn't know Shortland Street, we didn't know who we saw and who we talked to. Maybe we talked to one of your favorite stars of that show. Anyhow we had a nice chat everytime. So it came to a chat with one of the crew members as the nice guy wanted to know if they have been not to noisy in the morning. Well my dear friend, you got us awake with the first birds!!! Oh they were so sorry!!!!

As we were early up we decided to go for another discovery trip. Returning back at the cottage we found a nice card of Trude with a message of the Shortland Street crew. They were very sorry having us disturbed that morning and they offered us a BBQ, ingredients to buy by ourselves for their account. This meant : GO GO GO and get yourselve treated.

So off we went with Trude to do some shopping.BBQ BETHELLS

Then each of us started preparing the dishes. We, in our cottage, made some big salades. Trude and John, in their house, prepared some secret and marvelous things.
PUNCH ! PUNCH ! Njamnjamie! We got started and the champagne followed. And then ................THE SPIDER!!!!! Yeah, the spider. While we were eating, all of sudden I felt something, a gentle pressure almost on my forehead but still in my hair. I thought it was a little bug or so. So without any hesitation I did put my hand on my head and...................kept it there for a moment. I felt something bigger than a bug and quite soft, quite big too. I felt that the thing that was on my head was bigger then my hand. I kept cool and spread my legs wide and then with one fluent movement I threw that was on my head on the ground. Between my feet I suddenly saw .................THE SPIDER! Nobody had seen what happened with me. So, still being cool, I showed my wife Karin, the big fellow between my feet. Now, she is terrified when it come to spiders so she yelled and urged me to kill it. Well, I just couldn't and asked John to put the extra visitor into the bushes.
Phoooohooo! Imagine, I didn't fell it on my head and all of a sudden the spider came down across my face!!!!!!! Anyhow it widdened my emotional limits and today a spider doesn't frighten me anymore.

We had a marvelous time and BBQ !! Thanks Shortland Street!

Go watch the BBQ photo album on the left side and have a glimp of our unforgetable evening!