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Here you will find a lot of info, pictures, scene comparison of the Xena Warrior Princess film locations.

Our first visit was in 2007 for our honeymoon. After a perfect day of celebration on 24/2/2007, a short night rest, it was soon monday 26/2/2007. And there we went for our adventure to New Zealand. A journey which changed our lives for the better.

We stayed from 26/2/2007 until 23/3/2007 at Bethells Beach Cottages, right in the middle of the scenery where it all was filmed. We returned in 2009 for another period of 4 weeks and this time from 14/2/2009 - 14/3/2009 making it that we got a bit of difference in the season. We will return each 2 years and hopefully we will be able to settle down there once. So stay tuned on this website.

Right, the film locations : You will see that each film locations is highlighted in a separate page. The relevant photo albums and eventual video's are linked aswell. Go discover the wonder of filming on a exquisit and wonderfull scenery in New Zealand.

Only film locations you think? No, we have a lot of info, pictures and video's aswell from some very beautiful, interesting and adventureous places on the Northern Island of New Zealand.

If you only want to see some memories of the Xena Warrior Princess show take the link to our other website Lotolux.com

So, get charmed by this wonderfull country and the magic of Xena Warrior Princess.

And if you have questions or info, don't hesitate to contact me.

I wish you an interesting journey on this website.


2011 Journey : this has been added in the meantime.

2013 Journey : to come.

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